Crimp Academy and Crimppedia are information and educational services for the cable assembly industry.

In our “Docu-Shop” you can get technical books, documents for training courses and technical seminars, which you can use for your own education or the education and training of your employees.

Valuable and illustrative information on the subjects of cable cutting, stripping and crimping - both with hand tools and by machine - is not easy to find. There is no specific training to become a "cable assembler" and in related professions, such as electrician, electronics technician or mechatronics engineer, information on these topics during training is rather scarce.

Large industrial sectors, such as the automotive industry, have therefore long been manufacturing according to their own factory standards and specifications to ensure appropriate quality of cable connections.

But what about the assemblies in other industrial sectors, all the developers & designers, the quality representatives and last but not least the people in production?

Customer requirements regarding quality and traceability in cable assemblies are constantly increasing. At the same time, there are many uncertainties. Are my crimp connections really ok? How can I best check and, if necessary, improve them?  (And no, a simple pull-out test is usually not enough in this respect!)

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